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Maine Secretary of State files complaint against election commission Featured

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Maine Secretary of State files complaint against election commission

AUGUSTA - Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap said the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is withholding information and he is tired of it.

Dunlap serves on the commission and stated he has received little to no communication about discussions, agendas, schedules, or projects that they are working on. He filed a complaint last week and was told by the Department of Justice that there is nothing to update him on.


Now he is taking the matter to the courts.


Secretary Dunlap said "My hopes have been dimmed a little bit by the reaction from other commissioners who have called me paranoid, and the latest today, I was described as 'the fresh new face of victim in-fragility culture,' and again, what I'm asking for is working documents and a schedule. So if that's the reaction I'm getting, that tells me that I might actually be onto something here. Maybe there's something they don't want people to see."


Secretary Dunlap is filing an injunction against the election commission and said he is hoping the court will expedite the process.


He emphasizes the importance of transparency and added when they are discussing high stakes public policy, it is imperative the public is aware of the conversations.