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John Bapst announces $7.5 million expansion campaign Featured

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BANGOR - Some major renovations are in store for one of Maine's top schools, as John Bapst Memorial High School announced plans for the future.

It's a big day for John Bapst.

"We've been waiting a long time to be able to do something like this," said Benita Deschaine, fundraising campaign co-chair.

The 90-year-old school on Thursday announced plans to expand and renovate its campus.

"Since it's essentially a downtown school in Bangor, it's been hard to add on to the facility over the years," said Mel MacKay, Head of School.

"Technological advances, in this day and age, we're a little bit behind on," said Emily Tilton, an alumna and fundraising campaign steering committee member.

The project includes a new gym, a larger dining hall, and a tech center, with a price tag of more than $7 million.

Alumni say this will help enrich the students' learning experience.

"Hopefully more people will be expanding their boundaries into something they may have not known they wanted to do," said Tilton. "Like having a 3D printer, that's something I wouldn't have ever expected when I graduated in 2012."

The school launched the campaign to raise $7.5 million on Thursday, but school officials say they're already halfway there.

"Quietly in the background, we've been approaching some of our key friends of the school for a year and a half now, and we've raised 3.5 million dollars," MacKay said.

And there was plenty of excitement to go along with the campaign kickoff.

"Part of that is just John Bapst being John Bapst," Deschaine said. "People here are very enthusiastic about this school."

"Not only the faculty and staff, but the administrators and students and parents and alumni, we all deserve this," said Tilton. "We've all worked really hard to build this legacy and it's really important that it carries on."

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