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Healthcare and tax reform are two hot topics in Washington Featured

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WASHINGTON D.C. (ABC NEWS) - Republicans now planning to repeal a key Obamacare mandate as part of their push to reform the tax code.

Taxes and healthcare. Two of the republicans' biggest priorities coming together as the push continues to reform the tax code.


Now as part of the effort, senate republicans are proposing repealing the Obamacare mandate that all Americans have health insurance.


Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said "By the way, the individual mandate isn't just any tax. It's a terribly regressive tax. That imposes harsh burdens on low and middle income tax payers."


The plan could save more than $300 billion over the next ten years. But it's projected to leave an estimated 13 million more Americans uninsured in that same decade.


The idea has failed before, but now has a new push from President Trump who tweeted "How about ending the unfair and highly unpopular individual mandate in Ocare & reducing taxes even further?"


Senator Jeff Flake, R-Arizona, said  "If we can get it in there without imperiling the bill, that's a good thing."


But democrats are outraged, accusing republicans of turning the tax bill into a health care bill. Senator Chuck Schumer, D- New York, said "It's a backdoor attempt to get Trumpcare back and the American people don't want Trumpcare just like they don't want this bill which focuses its tax cuts on the wealthy."


The addition could create another hurdle for republicans hoping to reform taxes by the end of the year. At least one republican senator has expressed concerns about the potential impact on healthcare premiums.