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Young Americans host workshop in Hermon Featured

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HERMON - A high energy group of performers is taking over Hermon High School for the next couple of days.

Meet the Young Americans, a cast of talented performers.

"Singing, dancing, acting, all sorts of stuff," said Tom Boss, a cast member with the Young Americans from Orono.

"When the Young Americans come, they just bring so much energy into a school," said Morita Tapley, owner of Morita's School of Dance and the Young Americans' contact while they're in Maine.

Every three years, the non-profit group stops at Hermon High school.

"We both participated three years ago and we've been waiting three long years for them to come back," said Eric Byers, a student at Hermon High School.

As part of their "Turn Up the Music" nationwide tour, the performers host a workshop.

"We work with students 3rd grade through 12th grade," said Jordan Mantey, Associate Director of the Young Americans. "For three days we get to hang out with them, sing, dance, do a show."

That show on Saturday allowing the cast and the students to show what they've got.

"The first act is the Young Americans, a gift to the kids, and the second act is the Young Americans with the kids altogether for one big awesome show," Boss said.

Three short days leaving a lasting impression.

"This workshop has an impact on everybody," Boss said.

"It's not even just singing and dancing, it's so much, the energy you learn in the workshop, it's like nothing else, I'll never forget it," said Byers.

"Music is one of those things that speaks to people unlike anything else, so we're using it as a tool to get to the good stuff," said Mantey.

The Young Americans show will be Saturday at Hermon High School at 7 pm.

Tickets are 10 dollars for adults and 8 dollars for students.