Wednesday, 20 September 2017 17:43

Storm surf's up Featured

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ACADIA NATIONAL PARK - Hundreds converged on Mount Desert Island Wednesday, taking in the massive waves caused by Tropical Storm Jose.

"Unbelievably beautiful," said Michael Anderson of Texas, describing the coastline.

Hundreds in Acadia Wednesday spent the day checking out the view.

"We heard the surf was gonna be up," said Russell Ruthig of New York.

Large swells caused massive waves.

"Ii guess this will be the best day to see the remnants of Jose," said Emily Anderson of Texas.

Tropical Storm Jose churning in the Atlantic, creating big surf.

"We were sitting right on the edge there and we saw the big ones coming,"said Ruthig. "And I turned on the video on my cell phone, and we got them all. And they came up way over, maybe over our heads."

And every so often, waves sent water spraying onto the supposed safe areas.

Those rogue waves, reminding many of what happened in 2009, when seven people were swept to sea.

With that in mind, the park service set up signs, warning visitors about the dangerous conditions.

The walkway was closed off and for good reason.

"Everyone needs to respect those gates here and make sure they don't go out there and risk their lives," said Jim Glavine, a tour guide with Oli's Trolley.

Still, many tested the limits, with some choosing to ignore the signs altogether.

"It's a very beautiful and compelling place, and everyone wants to get close enough to see and take good pictures and everything but they need to be very careful and respect mother nature's fury here," said Glavine.