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Southern storms could impact building supplies Featured

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ORRINGTON - States in the paths of Harvey and Irma will soon begin rebuilding. But are those southern storms having an impact on construction materials right here in Maine?

"Everyone in a panic mode, it makes it hard," said Tim Bernard, owner of Crescent Lumber Company.

Southern states are beginning to rebuild. Demand for construction materials is rising as many work to restore their homes and businesses.

And now, the effects being felt all the way here in Maine.

"We do a lot with sheeting goods, whether it's plywood, OSB, and they are very hard to get right now," Bernard said.

Bernard says last week when he went to buy lumber and plywood for his store, the company that makes the product had pulled it off the market.

"They wanted to see what this hurricane did," Bernard said.

Bernard says the materials are back on the market, now more expensive than before.

"This morning I was able to buy some a few weeks out, so it's looking better. You just have to get your wallet out," said Bernard.

Material prices may be changing as a result of restoration efforts down south, but Bernard says there are other factors in play as well.

"We've had a hard market all year long with the Canadians and the tariff charges, changed to 26% just to start out," said Bernard.

We reached out to managers of other construction supply companies that tell us they haven't seen any immediate price changes caused by the hurricanes.

Bernard says despite the changes he's seen, business has remained steady.

"People understand it, it's a natural cause. It's nothing that we did, mother nature did it to us again," said Bernard. "We still can get product, might be a little bump in the road but we'll be all set."