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Local Chef Has Passion for Mushroom Foraging Featured

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BANGOR - A local chef is making a name for himself. His love for mushroom foraging has made him a unique encounter.

Walking through the woods at 5:30 in the morning on the hunt, and it's not for wildlife.


Chef Brian Ross is a mushroom hunter and is searching for what he calls his addiction.


"The thrill that you get from finding mushrooms is just as good every single time you find it, which is exciting," said Ross.


His mushroom adventure started a few years back and it's been a learning process ever since.


"The first year I tried to run out and get everything, I tried to pick everything find out what it is. Heck i was even in Augusta attending my dad's grave with my mom one day and as we're driving out I saw mushrooms on the side," says Ross. "So we stopped and picked them so I could bring them home and identify them."


Ross has spent a lot of time roaming through Maine's forests, looking for the perfect mushrooms that are ready for picking. He says it's a thrill to see people trying mushrooms for the first time, and that feeling has kept his passion alive.


"I just love the look on people's faces when they try something new and they go "Oh, that's so good!" and they realize it's right in their back yard," says the chef.


And that keeps chef Brian out every day, at times gathering nearly 10 pounds.


He'll usually just give them away, just satisfied with the peace he encounters in the woods.