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Kids Yoga on Wednesday

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Kids Yoga on Wednesday

ORONO - Families have the chance to get outside this week and explore movement of the body.

Maine Yoga Adventures will hold a "Kooky Kids Adventure" on Wednesday.


The outdoor event will be held at Webster Park in Orono.


The session is aimed at getting kids and their parents to experience yoga, art, and nature together.


Holly Twining will lead the animal and insect inspired yoga class filled with flying and terrestrial postures.


"Best for the kids is the breathing right? They're taking time out to breath. They love Shavasana, and that's the lying down at the end. And I take them on a little journey up into the clouds," adds Twining.


Following yoga the class participants will enjoy healthy food, a trip to an art studio, and an adventure in nature along the Stillwater River.


The cost is $65.00 per child. Adults who join their children are free.


To learn more or to register, click here.